2015 Assembly District Meetings (ADEMs)

ADEM 2014Democrats interested in becoming a CDP convention delegate must apply to be placed on the ballot for the January election. Application must be made with the State Party by 5:00 PM, Thursday, December 11, 2014.

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Congratulations Letter from Riverside County Democratic Party Chair


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The Democratic Party of Riverside County is proud of all our endorsed candidates, their hard work, and determination in this year’s November election. We are extremely happy that many of them won and are grateful that all of them sought our endorsement.

We know how difficult it is for a Democrat to win in a Republican leaning county. It took creative organization and imagination to campaign this year.  All of them are helping turn our county BLUE.

We know those of you who won will be successful in your offices.

Respectfully yours,

Howard Katz

Riverside County Democratic Party




Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on 2014 Election Results

It appears Democrats across the nation will always have California. On a night that saw Republicans make gains across the nation, much like in 2010, California held firm. At the statewide level, California remains a deep blue beacon because of the bold leadership of Jerry Brown and our strong Democratic majority in Sacramento.

In a repeat of 2010, California Democrats swept all statewide offices this year and even helped pass the most significant criminal justice reform measures in decades with Proposition 47.

Democrats under Governor Brown have accomplished much in just four short years and our victories at the statewide level serve as an affirmation of that reality.

While the results were less decidedly in our favor at the district level, the reality is California Democrats have had an embarrassment of riches for the past several election cycles and that has left us with many seats to defend, often in Republican leaning territory in low turn out cycles.

We look forward to recommitting to our efforts pressing into Republican strongholds, in particular the Central Valley. Many of the seats that were lost last night will be regained in just two years and there are many more which will be ripe for the picking from Republican hands in 2016.

Betty Yee is special guest speaker at DCSRC Luncheon Fundraiser

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Betty Yee, Democratic candidate for California State Controller, addressed attendees at the fundraiser for the Democratic Club of Southwest Riverside County at the Temecula Harveston Community Center on Sept. 7.

Yee laid out her platform for those present. A total revision of California’s tax policy is critical; she said this would be a bottom-up effort, not top-down, involving stakeholders throughout the state. This is a long-term project, she stated, but it needs doing and if elected this will be her highest priority.  View more photos.


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